Text Placement or Repurposing Lets you place any text within any reading program’s phonics scope and sequence. Learn more.

Text Development Lets you write and edit decodable books with speed and accuracy. Learn more.

Text Verification Lets you certify that reading program materials meet state mandates for decodable text.
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A partner for educational publishers and textbook developers. Software and services for analyzing the decodability of texts for beginning and struggling readers, and providing accurate and detailed information.

phonicFinder database software is powerful and easy to use to analyze the relationship between the words in a text and a reading program’s phonics scope and sequence.

The software allows you to quickly verify the decodability of text that is either purposely written to go with a specific lesson in a reading program or to place text that is not purposely written, such as authentic literature or leveled readers, within any program’s phonics scope and sequence.


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Authentic Literature as Decodable Text

Lets you incorporate more authentic literature into your reading curriculum. See how K–1 Text Exemplars from the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy align with phonics instruction in two different Core Reading Programs. Learn more.

“Well-written and engaging texts that include words that children can decipher give them the chance to apply emerging skills with ease and accuracy . . .” Snow et al. 1998